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Graph Theory

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About the Authors

Professor Jonathan L. Gross

Jonathan L. Gross is Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. His research in topology, graph theory, and cultural sociometry has earned him an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, an IBM Postdoctoral Fellowship, and various research grants from the Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation, and the Russell Sage Foundation.

Professor Gross has created and delivered numerous software- development short courses for Bell Laboratories and for IBM. These include mathematical methods for performance evaluation at the advanced level and for developing reusable software at a basic level. He has received several awards for outstanding teaching at Columbia University, including the career Great Teacher Award from the Society of Columbia Graduates. He appears on the Columbia Video Network and on the video network of the National Technological University.

His previous books include Topological Graph Theory, coauthored with Thomas W. Tucker. Another previous book, Measuring Culture coauthored with Steve Rayner, constructs network-theoretic tools for measuring sociological phenomena.

Prior to Columbia University, Professor Gross was in the Mathematics Department at Princeton University. His undergraduate work was at M.I.T., and he wrote his Ph.D. thesis on 3-dimensional topology at Dartmouth College.

Other books by Jonathan L. Gross

Jonathan L. Gross' Columbia Web Page


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